Theme for the 2020 Kite Festival Announced

The theme for 2020 Santa Barbara’s ever popular community kite festival is “Dance With the Wind”. The 35th Annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival will dance with the wind  Sunday, April 19, 2020 from 11am-5pm on the west campus lawn at  Santa Barbara City College.

      Kite Master Rakesh Bahadur selected his year’s theme to celebrate the dance each kite flyer, and kite flying family enjoys when their kite takes to the sky. “Kite flying is like dancing with the wind. The sheer fun of trying is all that matters. The wind asks you and your kite partner to celebrate the moment together.”

     The dance will begin this year with the ever popular “Children’s Tail Chase”- as children in age groups chase after and try to capture the tail of a kite flown by the festival kite master. Newer kite contests will also be featured including “Best of Fest”, “Best Ground Display” (banners, flags display), “Youngest & Oldest Kite Flyers”, “Most Unique/Unusual Kite”, “Funniest Kite”, and “Most Unflyable Kite” ! Other popular contests returning include “Most Beautiful” (handmade & commercial), “Highest Flying”, “Largest & Smallest Kites”, and demonstrations of “Sport Flying”. Prizes will be awarded to all contest winners. The festival is held each year on the west campus of Santa Barbara City College, 973 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, Ca 93109. Admission to the festival is free. Parking is available on both west campus and the main campus. Kites, food, and beverage can be purchased at the festival.        Thanks to a proclamation by the Santa Barbara City Council over a decade ago, the month of April was officially dubbed “Kite Month” in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Kite Festival was also recognized by the city for its annual contributions to community recreation and family fun.

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