Santa Barbara Kite Festival Returns to Local Skies Sunday, April 14, 2019!

      The Santa Barbara Kite Festival returns to the Great Meadow on the west campus at Santa Barbara City College. 11am-5pm Sunday April 14th.

      This year’s festival is dedicated the local philanthropist Chad Dreier, who passed away earlier this year. The festival’s Kite Master Rakesh Bahadur and Fest Organizer David Hefferman are very grateful for the years of support from the Dreier family. Bahadur said “Chad was truly one of a kind, and his family has been very loving and a wonderful supporter of the festival for many, many years”.       

Over a dozen familiar kite flying events return to the festival this year. The festival’s most popular event- the “Children’s Tail Chase” will be entertaining families and children ages 3 to 12 all day long. Several other family-friendly kite flying contests will return including “Best of Fest”, “Best Ground Display (banners, flags display), “Youngest & Oldest Kite Flyers”, “Most Unique/Unusual Kite”, “Funniest Kite”, and“Most Unflyable Kite”! Proven contests ready to fly again this year include “Most Beautiful” (handmade & commercial), “Highest Flying”, and “Largest & Smallest Kites”. Skilled sport kite flyers are invited to demonstrate their sophisticated and incredible talents at the fest.  Prizes will be awarded to all contest winners. Several sponsors have stepped up this year underwriting beautiful awards for Best of Fest, Most Unique/Unusual Kite, Most Beautiful, and Highest Flying. The festival is located on the west campus of Santa Barbara City College, 973 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, Ca 93109. Admission to the festival is free. Parking is available on both west campus and the main campus. Kites, food, and beverage can be purchased at the festival.

       April 2019 is officially “Kite Month” in Santa Barbara. Thanks to a proclamation by the Santa Barbara City Council, the month of April is designated as “Kite Month” in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Kite Festival has also been recognized by the city for its annual contributions to community recreation and family fun.  Santa Barbara’s Kite month of April is promoted in coordination with the National Kite Month of April – co-founded by the American Kite Flyers Association and the Kite Trade Association International .

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One response to “Santa Barbara Kite Festival Returns to Local Skies Sunday, April 14, 2019!

  1. Good Afternoon,
    I have recently moved to Santa Barbara, I am starting up a Musical Theatre School for Children called, InterAct Theatre School. Is there anyone I could contact regarding tables at the event?

    Kind Regards
    Natalia Smith

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